Heather Laura Clarke is a journalist, blogger and copywriter in Nova Scotia.

Hi, I'm Heather and I write for a living. I'm a Type-A Leo who enjoys hoarding fabric, discussing the nuances of potato chip flavours, and the sound of keys clacking on a typewriter. But I suppose you're here for the more professional highlights?



Editorial Content
My first love is writing for newspapers and magazines, and that's still how I spend the majority of my working hours. I love writing about so many different people, places, and things -- it's never boring, and I learn new things all of the time! | See my list of clients |

Advertorial Content
How is this different from editorial content? Well, the client dictates the content and gets to approve it when it's finished. Some writers won't touch advertorials, but I like working with a business on an article that's interesting to readers, while still promoting their message and supporting their brand. Advertorials run in newspapers and magazines, as well as can be used as blog posts on corporate websites. | See advertorial examples |

Need something edited for quality and accuracy? I live and breathe em dashes. If you're saying "Huh? What's an em dash?" then you probably need to call me. I worked many, many late nights on the copy desk at The Daily News, laying out the next day's paper and checking it for mistakes. I get twitchy when I see a spelling or grammar mistake anywhere, and I get especially upset when a menu reads "Ceaser" salad.

I've worked in video production since 2008, and I love the process of putting together a visual story. I've written scripts and developed storyboards on everything from diabetes medication to soccer -- for videos on the web, on kiosks, and on television. | See a script-writing example |

Project Management
I'm probably definitely the most organized person you've ever met, and it turns out that makes for an excellent PM. Deadlines are in my blood, thanks to my newspaper background, and my Type A personality means that I don't stop until the deliverables are, well, delivered.

I don't take on as many of these projects at the moment, but I hope to get back into it when my children are a bit older. I've auditioned and hired talent, I've scouted and booked locations, I've rented equipment, I've managed the talent during the shoot, and I've done hair and make-up -- all for the same project.

When you produce videos for companies on a budget, it's only a matter of time before you get plunked into the sound booth. I've been the voice of several commercials and healthcare videos -- sometimes in a studio, sometimes from my home office. Here's a recent clip I recorded for Aurora Gateway Dental Care.

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