Nova Scotia writer Heather Laura Clarke

Heather Laura Clarke is an aspiring author who writes women's fiction. As a journalist, she spent more than 15 years writing for newspapers and magazines across North America. She now works full-time as a marketing and communications manager, and remains a proud member of the #5amWritersClub.


Welcome to Centennial Avenue, where the neighbours are friendly (as long as your lawn is neatly mowed), the gossip is scandalous, and no one ever knows what's really going on in each other's houses.

LAST NIGHT, NEXT DOOR by Heather Laura Clarke It was supposed to be a fling between married next-door neighbours (think Fifty Shades for suburban hockey moms), but the end of the summer leads to even darker lies and secrets for two couples struggling with marriage, motherhood, and monogamy. STATUS: Querying now!

LAST NIGHT, WITH YOU by Heather Laura Clarke Jess has got six months to get her family’s sh-t together or she’ll be bankrupt, homeless, and humiliated at the next PTA meeting. She doesn’t count on a steamy fling with Sylvie, her beautiful Black art teacher. But Jess is straight ... isn’t she? STATUS: Querying now!

LAST NIGHT, WITH THEM by Heather Laura Clarke Eager to keep their sex life exciting, a nervous stepmom encourages her new husband to help her write a bucket list of naughty things they can try; but life gets complicated once they start inviting friends and strangers to play with them, and they wonder if their marital bed is getting too crowded. STATUS: Querying now!